Triple C Meats

Triple C Meats is focused on the market need to supply consistent, safe, quality and wholesome products that exceed consumer expectations. By employing the latest available technology, Triple C Meats provides traceability from the farm of origin to the end user and supplies feedback to all parties involved. The information generated in this seamless supply chain is used to make immediate improvements in the production, processing, and marketing of beef products, with a primary objective to provide healthy and safe beef product to the consumer.

The driving force behind the Triple C Meats’ business strategy is linking the beef producers to end consumers. This link is critical as it is clear that most producer groups do not fully understand the business and marketing competencies necessary to market beef products to consumers.

To make this vision a reality, Triple C Meats has developed specific business relationships and processes that connect the producer to the end consumer.

Triple C Meats is a locally owned company, established to custom kill and cut beef on behalf of the independent producers to meet specific processor, food service, and retail needs. It is an entity that is owned and controlled by independent producers in the KwaZulu Natal region.