Triple C Feedlot

Triple C Feedlot Facts:

*      6 500 ha is owned by the group and used to background cattle, plant maize and produce their own high quality hay.

*      250 tonnes of feed is fed on a daily basis. The feed factory is monitored by a sophisticated feed management system.

*      An electronic identification system (EID) has been introduced, ensuring cattle traceability from purchase to delivery to client.

*      The group has its own transport division conducting all of the required transport from newly purchased calves and feed inputs to supplying meat to their selected clients.

*      Triple C Feedlot has recently involved all of their staff members, in the form of an employee trust, in a custom feeding project to the benefit of the staff members only and is proud to be a leader in this field.

*      Weaners are acquired from all over South Africa and Namibia and only quality calves from leading farmers are purchased.

*      Triple C Feedlot and Triple C Meats employ approximately 170 workers. The group provides housing, electricity and water to all employees.

*      Triple C employs a full time, world renowned veterinary surgeon.

*      A nutritionist is utilized to ensure that the best, most nutritious and healthy rations are formulated for the cattle on a continued basis.