Our Products and Services



Our quality beef is supplied to wholesalers and retailers all over Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal. We are a supplier of A grade and C grade beef, which is comprised of supplying live cattle directly to abattoirs around the country as well as processed meat. We supply deboned, sides, quarters and primal cuts in both grades, as well as the fifth quarter.

Complete traceability of the animal is achieved through state-of-the-art technology, which provides considerable benefits to the retailers.

Cattle Hides and Curing:


Our hide curing department was established in 1998. As a family owned business that prides itself on quality and service we had become one of the leading salting and curing plants in the region.

We purchase the finest Cattle Hides from across South Africa to ensure that quality is maintained throughout.

We are specialists in wet-salting hides and have developed supply channels throughout South Africa. We procure our hides from multiple abattoirs throughout the country and supply our cured product to one of the leading exporters on the African continent.


Custom Feeding

Triple C Feedlot provides prospective and active cattle farmers and feeders an opportunity to custom feed on our state-of-the-art feedlot. This allows the custom feeder to have access to our highly qualified and experienced management and buying team, our quality and nutritious feed, accurate traceability of the cattle from time of purchase, our full-time onsite veterinarian as well as our marketing channels.

All options for custom feeding are tailor made to the client’s specific needs and requirements.

For further information and pricing please feel free to contact us.